Hot Wash FAQs

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Is the Quill Vogue Hot Wash noisy in operation?

No, the Quill Vogue is as quiet as an office conversation at 60dB.

Is the Quill Vogue Hot Wash high maintenance?

No, the Quill Vogue Hot Wash is an extremely low maintenance system. Check the oil level weekly/monthly depending on usage and keep topped up.

What consumables or spare parts do I need to order with the Quill Vogue Hot Wash?

None are required unless the filters aren’t maintained. Over a period of years with extensive use the filters and non return valves may require replacing.

What site preparation is needed for the Quill Vogue Hot Wash?

Two 13amp (15amp USA) RCD protected sockets are required.

What pressure does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash operate at?

The Quill Vogue Hot Wash operates at pressures between 0 to 50 bar (0 to 725 psi) A blue pressure control valve situated within the internal wash chamber allows operatives to increase or decrease the pressure during the wash process.

What filtration system does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash use to prevent blockages?

A weir system in the internal chamber and a muslin lined basket filter in the cabinet drawer traps support material of less than 1mm.

Can I use ordinary tap water in the Quill Vogue Hot Wash?

If the Quill Vogue Hot Wash is to be employed in a soft water area, ordinary tap water will be fine, however if the system is to be employed in a hard water area we strongly recommend using deionised water in order to prolong the life of the water heater.

How much water does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash use?

The Quill Vogue Hot Wash uses between 1 and 5 litres per minute. The system has a unique recyclable water recovery system which means it filters, cleans and reuses its own 30 litres of water making it excellent for the environment.

What warranty does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash come with?

The Quill Vogue parts are warranted against manufacturing defects for 6 months excluding fair wear and tear and consumable parts such as wiper blades and gloves. The pump/motor combination is a heavy duty industrial unit designed for operation up to 8 hours continuous use per day. Replacement parts will be sent on receipt of parts deemed to be faulty by manufacturer.

What support policy does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash come with?

There is very little that can go wrong with the Quill Vogue System, and as a company we have over 40 years experience in sending products and systems all over the world to some of the most extreme and remote locations, from the oil fields in Baku in Azerbaijan, to oil rigs in the South Pacific Ocean. It is therefore essential that when we build machines they are built to last. As a company we pride ourselves on our customer service, when you buy a product or system from the Quill International Group you will gain access to our superb team of engineers who will be only too happy to help and advise you over the phone or via email with any problems that you may have, so please rest assured you will not be left unsupported.

Does the Quill Vogue Hot Wash generate atmospheric dust?

No atmospheric dust is created with the Quill Vogue Hot Wash.

Do you offer a servicing package for the Quill Vogue Hot Wash in the UK?

Yes we do! Our fee includes call out and the first hours labour plus all service items including an oil change and tip replacement, a full inspection, cleaning of filters and biocidal sanitisation of internal chamber. Anything over and above those items listed will be chargeable. Terms and conditions apply.

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