Quill Vogue Powder Wash

Rapidly removes surplus powder from metal & plastic SLM & SLS printed parts

1. Fast &

The European and World patented Quill Vogue Powder Wash uses pressurised cold water to rapidly remove surplus powder from metal and plastic SLM and SLS printed parts. By removing surplus powder from complex geometries – such as intricate lattices, blind threads and internal channels – from within the build, it means the potentially hazardous loose powder is prevented from entering production. In addition, by removing surplus metal powder from 3D prints, the Quill Vogue Powder Wash also allows operatives to wire erode metal components from build platforms without causing arcing and wire breakages.

2. Safe &

The compact, ultra quiet Quill Vogue Powder Wash is built to BS EN standards, is safe (NRTL/MET certified), reliable and easy to use, so design engineers can clean their SLM and SLS 3D prints efficiently and effectively in seconds.

3. Flexible &
environmentally friendly

The system is fully ventilated and is compatible with metal powders including titanium, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel powders. The water used in the Powder Wash is recycled and is filtered down to 0.5 microns.

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