Quill Vogue Hot Wash

Rapidly removes soluble support material from 3D Systems Projet printed parts

1. Fast &

Uses pressurised hot water to quickly and quietly remove wax support material from 3D Systems Projet printed parts. A combination of recyclable hot water and variable pressure rapidly removes wax support material from complex geometries, including channels and blind threads of less than 0.3mm without damaging surfaces.

2. Allows
design freedom

Compact, ultra quiet, safe, reliable and frees engineers from having to orientate parts in a certain way to prevent problems post production, allowing more creative freedom during the design process than ever before.

3. Flexible & environmentally friendly

The Quill Vogue Hot Wash is a “closed” system that contains its own 30 litre hot water tank. The water is drawn from the tank via a pump, through a nozzle to wash 3D prints and then is recycled through a weir filter system back into the water tank, making the Hot Wash environmentally friendly and mobile too.

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