Quill Vogue Hot Soak Box

Rapidly removes soluble support material from Stratasys FDM printed parts

1. Fast &

Uses a combination of hot water, detergent and agitation to quickly and quietly remove soluble support material from Stratasys FDM 3D printed parts, up to 75% faster than conventional methods. The high performance Hot Soak Box rapidly removes a range of soluble support material from complex geometries and deep recessed areas without damaging surfaces.

2. Precision

The Hot Soak Box allows operatives to control the temperature, time and type of solution used. The compact, ultra quiet Hot Soak Box is safe, reliable and easy to use, providing operatives with rapid, hands free post processing, speeding post processing times and improving production efficiency.

3. Post processing & colouring

The Hot Soak Box can be used in conjunction with Quill Vogue Colouring Solution to colour 3D printed plastics including polypropylene, please see our Quill Vogue Colouring Solution literature for more details. The Hot Soak Box is available in two sizes 50 litres and 500 litres (XL).

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