Quill Vogue Wash Station

Rapidly removes soluble support material from Stratasys Polyjet printed parts

1. Fast &

Uses pressurised cold water to rapidly remove support material from Stratasys Polyjet 3D printed parts including removing support material from complex geometries & deep recesses

2. Safe &

Compact, ultra quiet, safe (NRTL/MET certified) reliable & easy to use. Sold to the world’s leading organisations, from multinational technology giants and social networking corporations to global defence, aerospace, medical research and automotive organisations

3. Flexible & environmentally friendly

Available in 2 formats:

Wash Station Static is an “open” system that requires plumbing into mains water and mains drains and thereafter requires little maintenance.

Wash Station Mobile is a “closed” water recycle system containing 2 x 25 litre water tanks that require emptying and refilling on a daily/weekly basis depending on usage.

Available in 2 sizes: standard & XL

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